Your career at Romantik in the service or at the bar ...

Your career in the restaurant field at Romantik:

The guest has little time and still wants an extra sausage? With a smile on your lips, you will create a good mood and fulfill wishes like a genie! You are a full-hearted host, have a memory like an elephant and are looking forward to full tables? Then the work in the restaurant and in the service, at the bar and in the event area is just right for you! 

As a real guest pamper you are a mediator between kitchen and guest, take care of the order and after the billing. From the day ticket to the wine recommendation you have an overview, carrying large plates and even more responsibility. They organize large celebrations, serve meals and mix drinks at the bar. Of course, you are also familiar with the merchandise management and hygiene regulations. 


Romantik is the brand for individual premium hotels throughout Europe. On the coast, in the mountains, in the countryside and in bustling cities, guests will find everything they expect from a fun-filled and enjoyable stay.

Romantik requires talents, skills and personal development. Become part of this great community and enjoy other benefits such as:

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