Your career at Romantik in the most beautiful wellness and spa areas ...

Your career in the wellness, beauty and SPA area at Romantik:

And here is still text missing .... Whether ad or campaign, whether rating or booking portal: Sales talents make decisions every day, juggle with the numbers and make more contacts than on social networks. The reputation of the hotel is as important to you as the occupancy rate? You can create budgets in no time at all, and controlling is just as safe? Then the work in marketing and sales is just right for you!

Are you thinking of today's guests, always thinking of the travelers of tomorrow? The perception from the outside is as important to you as the first sentence on the phone. They observe the media and the competition, send out mailings and create plans for marketing. They make sure that hotel and restaurant always look good.


Romantik is the brand for individual premium hotels throughout Europe. On the coast, in the mountains, in the countryside and in bustling cities, guests will find everything they expect from a fun-filled and enjoyable stay.

Romantik requires talents, skills and personal development. Become part of this great community and enjoy other benefits such as:

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