Personnel management in Schwarzwald:
old paths have long since left.

Many romantic hotels are located in the most beautiful regions of Europe in the countryside. Here it is necessary to develop special initiatives to attract employees for the hotel or restaurant. Kristin Fuchs, who runs the Romantik Hotel Spielweg in the Münster Valley in the Schwarzwald, with her sister Viktoria, in the sixth generation, has long since abandoned recruiting.

Already in sixth generation, Kristin and Viktoria Fuchs provide a breath of fresh air in the Romantik Hotel and Restaurant Spielweg with wild stories and discoveries. The guests experience a bright team that sets new impulses every day. Hotel rooms and suites for every taste. Culinary arts that testify to a young ambitious handwriting. Countless spaces and places that want to be discovered. Hiking, as only insiders recommend. No season that does not have anything special to offer here. Pool at the torrent, cooking classes, children's paradise, open fire, indoor pool, wellness, sauna, sun terrace, kitchen party ... The outdoor barrel sauna in the Nature Spa is our newest attraction. Meetings take place in our new seminar room with all-round catering.

In spite of all the attractions, the young hostesses also know that in a secluded location without easy access to public transport, there is a lot to offer to find staff. First and foremost, the cohesion in the company must be right: "A good working atmosphere in the team and to the management is valuable - sitting together in the evening together or excursions such as trainee days and company outings are extremely important! We open a bottle of wine or sit by the fire behind the house - that motivates and strengthens the team! As a family owner, we are a kind of catering family for our employees and support where we can, "says Fuchs. So that the employees find their way to the Münster Valley and stay, they either live in the staff house or commute.

In such a secluded location without easy access to public transport, it would be enormously important to offer a room in the hotel for apprenticeship - this should also be able to be clamped for trainees' budgets, says Kristin Fuchs. In addition, the hotel provides all trainees free of charge with the regional map for the entire district and actively supports them in the search for accommodation: "We offer all employees and landlords the possibility that we act as tenants - so both sides have something like this. We have secure housing for skilled workers from all over Germany and the landlords a local, long-term partner. This has proven very well, "explains Kristin Fuchs.

The most important thing, however, is to root the employees in the region and to show that there are other things besides work: "We show the employees the advantages of the Schwarzwald and make it clear - it is not only the workplace that matters, you need hobbies and other things to clear your head. Skiing in winter, lying on the Rhine in the summer, looking for mushrooms in the forest, to France and Switzerland in one day. Where is this still? We live the rural life - hiking, biking and enjoying locally. That depends! Our two dogs help out here - everyone can go for a walk or rent the dogs to "jog". An animal sometimes helps with homesickness better than a lot of talk, "the hostess is sure.